Audio/Visual Lectures

AUDIO Shrink Rap Podcast on ecotherapy 2022

AUDIO:New Books Network Interview with Susan Grelock Yusem 2021

AUDIO: Hive Podcast Interview with Natalie Nahai Ecopsychology, meaning and the journey of transformation. 2021

VISUAL: Towards an Ecopsychotherapy. C.G. Jung Lectures, Bristol. 2020

VISUAL: Ecopsychology Visions and our Ailing World Interview for Canadian Ecopsychology Network 2017

AUDIO: Double Vision: The Gestalt of Our Environmental Crisis Marianne Fry Lecture July 9th UWE, Bristol, 2011

VISUAL: Ecopsychology: Shadow and Transformation. Open Evening Lecture at Schumacher College, Devon. March 16th 2011

In a dark time the eye begins to see. Facing the personal and collective shadow of ecological crisis can transform our vision of self and other. From re-thinking personal symptoms, such as depression or addiction, to the shift in human-earth relationship, what are the pearls to be found?

AUDIO: Nature as Subject: Exploring Anthropocentrism. Lecture at Confer conference: Landscapes of the Mind, Eden Project, Cornwall. Sept 25-27, 2009.

See for other audio lectures from this conference. Also, the complete collection of papers from conference are in BHMA journal, see writings for more info.


AUDIO: Talk by Jem Bendall 2019 in Bristol: Deep Adaptation, A Public Presentation

BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind – On Ecotherapy, with Richard Mabey and others

The man described as “Britain’s greatest living nature writer”, Richard Mabey, talks to Claudia Hammond about “the lost years” of his depressive illness. The author of Food for Free, Flora Britannica and Nature Cure admits that a symptom of his clinical depression was that he lost his connection with the natural world.

BBC Radio 4 – The Music that melted

Every year on a frozen fjord in Norway, musicians gather under the full moon, and a canopy of Northern Lights, to perform ice music. Over a weekend, instruments are carved from blocks of ice, and music played in an arena of carved ice blocks to a well wrapped audience, who arrive on cross country skis.
Sometimes standing in flurries of snow, sometimes in the light of flame torches, under the northern lights, they listen spellbound (and a bit chilly) to the magical sounds produced by instruments with a short life span – each one as unique and short-lived as a sandcastle.