Forthcoming Events (all offered on Zoom):


JAN 14 & 28 Jung and Our Relationship with Nature Los Angeles Jung Institute

JAN 21 Ecopsychology module as part of Jung and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts 

FEB 4 Ecopsychotherapy.  CONFER certificate in Ecopsychotherapy ‘Nature in Mind’.

MARCH 1 A Jungian approach to Ecopsychology Lecture for M.A. in Art, Psyche and the Creative Imagination, Ireland. 


Past Events:


JAN 8 & 22 Jung and Our Relationship with Nature Los Angeles Jung Institute 

MARCH 22 A Jungian approach to Ecopsychology Lecture for M.A. in Art, Psyche and the Creative Imagination, Ireland. 

MAY 18 Food and Ecopsychology  CONFER series “Food for Thought”

MAY 22 Ecotherapy   Shrink Rap podcast 

NOVEMBER 4 & 18  Two lectures to launch the Mandarin translation of Towards an Ecopsychotherapy 

NOV 9 & 16 Two webinars on ecotherapy and depth psychology as part of series on Ecotherapy Certificate Programme: Nature Connection Practices that Heal, Pacifica Graduate Institute.

NOV 12/13 Lecture for series on Recovering the Sacred, tba Pari Centre, Italy.


FEBRUARY 21   Ecopsychotherapy: Therapy with the Earth in Mind Terapia, East Finchley, London

MARCH 26  Confer Webinar: Separation Sickness in a Post-Industrial world.


NOVEMBER 20    Cambridge Jung Circle: Towards an Ecopsychotherapy

DECEMBER 12    Bristol Jung Lecture: Towards an Ecopsychotherapy


APRIL Ecopsychology module as part of Jung and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts 

MAY 11 CONFER event: Ecopsychotherapy: Therapy with the Earth in Mind  London Wetlands Centre

OCTOBER 19 UKCP event: Sleepwalking into the Anthropocene: the new age of anxiety. 1, Wimpole St, London. 


SEPT 1-2     CONFER conference, nr Dublin, Ireland. Keynote Speaker: Being in Relationship with the Earth: A Spiritual Path?

Nov 8-11   Small Earth, CONFER conference, Snape, Suffolk. Keynote speaker: Being in Relationship with the earth: can ecopsychology change our mindset?


NOV 24-26   Keynote Speaker: Being in Relationship with the Earth: A Spiritual Path?   CONFER conference: Transpersonal Narratives in Ecopsychology at Eden Project, Cornwall.


MARCH 21     Society of Analytical Psychology Annual Lecture  “A Jungian Diagnosis of our Ecological Crisis – and what are we going to do about it?”

MAY 11-15      Ecotherapy One Week course at Schumacher College, Devon. (Part One of 6 mth course: 2x one week residentials with 6 webinars inbetween).

JUNE 12        Keynote Speaker: Being in Relationship with the Earth: Finding Our Way in to a Different Reality? At Jung Conference (JSSS): On Nature and the Feminine: Psychological and Cultural Reflections.

JULY 2-5       Keynote speaker: Ecopsychology: Can it Help Our World?  At  Edge of the Wild – 4th Ecopsychology Gathering at Green and Away, Worcs.

NOV 1-6         Ecotherapy One Week course Part Two at Schumacher College, Devon.

NOV 21          Lecture: Finding an Anchor in Wild Times: How can a Jungian lens on our ecological crisis help our world? Edinburgh Jung Lecture Series


JAN 8 – 12     Heart Politics, NZ Guest speaker/workshop leader/paticipant.

JAN 23          Eros, Animal and Earth  Lecture at  AUT (Auckland University of Technology), NZ

JAN  24         Minding the Earth in the Practice of Therapy   Ecopsychology Seminar,  AUT, NZ

JAN 25          Introduction to Ecopsychology at Earthsong, Auckland, NZ

JULY 7 – 11   Modern Indigeny  One week course, Schumacher College, Devon

JULY 14 -17  Edge of the Wild – 3rd Ecopsychology Gathering

NOV 20         Minding the Earth: Ecopsychology in Practice. Talk, Bath Analytic Group

DEC 5 – 7      Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology. IAAP Conference, London. Speaker: Nature: Truth and Reconciliation.


FEB 15                 Ecological Individuation. Public Lecture, Taunton.

MARCH 2           Eros, Animal and EarthThe psychological challenges and joys of returning to a more intimate relationship with Nature. Public Lecture, Bristol.

AUGUST 1 – 4    Ecopsychology Gathering Green and Away, Worcs.

SEPT 28              Minding the Earth in the Practice of PsychotherapyPublic lecture, Cambridge

OCT 12                Taking Heart in Dark Times: Ecopsychology and Stories of Change 10am – 5pm. Seminar/workshop. London

OCT 21                Gaia – the soul of our planet, spirituality and therapyPublic Lecture, Confer, London.

DEC 7                  Eros, Animal and Earth Union Congress of Psychotherapy and Mental Health, Taiwan

DEC 11                Recovering the Indigenous SelfJungian Psychology and Ecopsychology for a Spiritual Path. Catholic Fu-Jen University, Taiwan

DEC 12               Consuming the Earth: An Introduction to Ecopsychology.   Society of Wilderness, Taiwan

DEC 13               Between Ecology and Mental Health. Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

DEC 14              Wilderness and Inner Space: An Introduction to Ecopsychology. One day workshop, Taiwan

Dec 15                Ecological Individuation: A Journey into Relationship with Earth as Self.  One Day Workshop, Taiwan

DEC 15              Jung and Ecopsychology  Talk to Taiwanese Jungian Development Group


Oct 2011 – May 2012: Ecopsychology Training at Re-Vision, Nth London. See:

Jan 21st          Workshop at Conference “Boundaries and Boundlessness” Re-Vision Winter Residential, Bucks.

May 27            Ecopsychology: Experiencing the Ecological Self  One week ecopsychology course, Schumacher College, Devon.

Sept 16            Keynote Lecture: Exploring Eros, Animal and Earth  European Association of Body Psychotherapy EABP Conference  Cambridge.


March 7 – 25       Ecopsychology: Exploring the Roots to Change   3 week course,  Schumacher College, Devon.

March 16:             Shadow and Transformation Open evening Lecture, Schumacher College, Devon.

May 21:                  Imagination and Earth Public Lecture, Society of Analytical Psychology 1 Daleham Gardens, London.

June 14:                Ecopsychology Lecture    School of Life, 70, Marchmont St, London.

July 9:                     Double Vision: The Gestalt of Our Environmental Crisis  Marianne Fry Lecture, Bristol.

July 17 – 21:           Ecopsychology: Experiencing the Ecological Self   One week course, Schumacher College, Devon.

Nov 28 – Dec 2:   Ecopsychology: A Revolution at Home   One week course, Schumacher College, Devon.


June 26/27:         For the Love of the Earth  Ecopsychology workshop. Re-vision London.

June 1:                  Imagination and Earth  Lecture, Association of Jungian Analysts, London.

June 21 -23:        Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum Bonn, Germany.  See Panel: It’s about attitudes: Understanding and reporting the psychology of climate change.


DEC 12                 ‘ Taste, Hunger and the Media’   Lecture,  Media and the Inner World London.

SEPT                    Nature as subject: Exploring Anthropocentrism Lecture & workshop, CONFER conference: Landscapes of the Mind, Eden Project, Cornwall.

                             The Shadow of our Environmental Crisis. Lecture at re-vision conference: Sacred Margins. Hertfordshire.

MAY                    Resilience of the Heart Public Lecture, Annual Transition Conference, London.

MARCH              The Myths by Which we Live – or Die? Public Lecture, conference: The Psychological and Political Challenge of Facing Climate Change, UWE, Bristol.


DEC                   Stalking the Wild Self Public Lecture for Conference: Wilderness & Inner Space, University of Kent.

OCT                  Wild Nature, Human Nature: Deep Sustainability Through Ecotherapy. One week residential Knoydart, Scotland.

SEPT                 Consuming the Earth Keynote Lecture for Climate of Change CAPPP conference, Bristol.

AUG                 Inspiring Radical Change in an Ailing World: the role of the Fool in Awakening the Ecological Self.  Lecture at Guild of Pastoral Psychology Conference. Oxford.


NOV                 Climate on the Couch Guild of Psychotherapists Annual Lecture, London.

JUNE              The Transformative Power of Wild Places Wilderness Foundation, Essex.